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An open source large data processing and storing architecture. Hadoop enables clusters of computers to study big numbers in parallel more quickly than utilising a single powerful computer to store and analyse large amounts of data.

Apache HBase

In order to store and analyse data that doesn't fit well into conventional relational databases, a distributed, column-oriented database that is developed on top of the Hadoop File System (HDFS) is needed.

Apache Spark

A robust analytics engine that is open-source and has been built for quick, simple, and effective data processing. Its in-memory design makes it perfect for iterative machine learning and real-time analytics, and a variety of enterprises can utilise it because it supports a large number of programming languages.


Data, in the world of business, is everything. Your chances of making wise judgements that result in success increase with the accuracy and depth of your data. A robust data warehousing technology called Apache Hive aids companies in more effective data organisation and analysis.


Apache A persistent messaging system based on publish-subscribe is called Kafka. A messaging system transmits messages between servers, processes, and applications. Topics may be established in this programme, and applications can add, process, and reprocess records.


Structured and unstructured data sources are combined by data virtualization software for virtual viewing through a dashboard or visualisation tool. The technologies make it possible to find metadata about the data but mask the difficulties in gaining access to various data kinds from various sources.

Apache Kylin

Businesses may connect to many data sources, query data in real-time, and execute complex analytics with heterogeneous formats supported thanks to Kylin, which also offers a number of advantages.


An open-source programme called Rundeck aids in the definition, deployment, and management of automation. It offers a Web API, CLI tools, and a web console. You can perform tasks across a number of nodes thanks to its Java code. The management of various user access rights is more flexible with role-based access control policies.


For use cases including log and time-series analytics, application monitoring, and operational intelligence, Kibana is a tool for data visualisation and analysis. Histograms, line graphs, pie charts, heat maps, and integrated geospatial support are just a few of the useful and powerful features it offers.


A lightweight, open-source server-side data processing pipeline called Logstash enables you to gather data from many sources, alter it as you go, and deliver it where you want it to go. Most frequently, Elasticsearch, an open-source analytics and search engine, uses it as a data pipeline.


Solr is built for fault tolerance and scalability, and it offers distributed search and index replication. With a vibrant development community and frequent updates, Solr is a popular choice for business search and analytics use cases. Running independently, Solr is a full-text search server.


Beyond merely collecting and storing data, Cloudera enables a depth of data processing. The increased features of Cloudera give users the ability to manage and secure data across all settings while doing quick and simple analyses on it.

MS PowerBI

Using data from an organisation, Microsoft Power BI is used to produce reports and provide insights. Power BI can connect to a variety of data sources and "tidies up" the information it receives to make it easier to process and comprehend. Other users can then access the reports and graphics produced with this data.


Tableau is a fantastic business intelligence and data visualisation application for reporting and analysing huge amounts of data. It assists users in producing a variety of graphs, maps, dashboards, and stories for the purpose of visualising and analysing data to aid in corporate decision-making.


Neo4j provides the blazing-fast read and write speed you want while yet maintaining the integrity of your data. It is the first enterprise-grade graph database that combines native graph storage with scalable, quick-loading architecture and ACID compliance to guarantee predictability of relationship-based queries.


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